(30-40 hours per week)

Perhaps it’s time to go back to work after you’ve had your new baby. Or you have a child yet to go to school or school is out and need full-time placement. You can be rest assured that at Apple-A-Day Child Care Center we can help.

We support a flexible schedule that supports your child’s individual needs. But at the same time is a fun schedule for all of your child’s emotional, behavioral, recreational and nutritional needs.

Our qualified and caring staff will nurture your child as if it were their own. We understand the huge pressure parents feel in finding that perfect fit. Rest assured that we will put your mind at ease. Your child will love to come play with us!

(less than 3 times a week)

Apple-A-Day Child Care Center’s part-time placement services allow you to balance a work and home life more optimally. Being able to work part-time or share child care services gives you an opportunity to maximize your family needs. We use the time we have with your child to have fun and use creative options to stimulate your child to promote growth and development.


In this busy world it’s next to impossible to coordinate schedule perfectly for after school family time or find accommodations for your child in the event that other child care has fallen trough or school is out for the day or afternoon. If your child needs a place to go after school, we provide a fun, play atmosphere, but also allow a quiet place for children to read and study after school or help with meal preparation too.